6 Harmonic Patterns to Use in Trading

So far, the pattern has been proven highly accurate and can be used by traders to identify trend reversals and find successful trading opportunities. There are a lot of Fibonacci levels and, in theory, it is possible to trade off of every single one of them. This is where Harmonic Patterns attempt Forex advisors rating to make the process more objective. Harmonic patterns match a specific Fibonacci ratio to a particular context in which it occurs. In this way fibonacci retracements, extensions and projections can be used to objectively define which levels are important and which ones should be ignored.

They can be contacted using an email which they have provided on their site. This is in addition to their Skype contact name, harmtrad, which is published on the website for everyone to see. It’s like using this present knowledge of patterns intertrader review as a guide. Always use different indicators comibined with harmonic your no single trade will go wrong .. I equip my harmonic indicator with two more indicators, trend indicator and an oscilator indicator.Sucess rate is unbelievable.

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It is essential to gauge the price action within the harmonic area to determine the validity of the reversal. Also, warning signs frequently will indicate a flawed set-up. So, it is important to wait at least one price bar, or even several, to see if the trade is still valid. The harmonic techniques are most effective when you are patient. These opportunities will materialize frequently, providing ample opportunities to be consistently successful.


I strongly recommend that you “go to school” on this chart example. The pattern was very clear and the reversal was very ideal. If you look hard enough, I guarantee that there is a set-up as clear as this one in the market right now. Furthermore, by studying this example, you will know what to look for in a valid reversal and put yourself on the right side of a very profitable opportunity. Fannie Mae reversed on the day that it hit the Potential Reversal Zone. The stock reversed after exceeding the 0.786 of XA by less than a point.

Harmonic Trading is a way to analyse financial markets by recognising specific price patterns and the alignment of Fibonacci ratios to determine potential reversal points. The price is expected to rally from this potential reversal zone. Many traders wait for the price to start rising before entering. A stop-loss order is placed below the recent swing low near D or below X. Harmonic patterns can be applied to all financial markets, including stocks, commodities, and the forex market.

I learned harmonics from the Youtube channel AKATheGrower by Federico Villareal. Not one strategy is the same and people see different things in the market. Building your reticular activating system to identify the signals is what we get in our back testing. Maybe you could also adopt some other trading strategies for trend continuation and counter trend trading. This would help you when no patterns are forming and we miss opportunities. Again it still needs a plan and rules of engagement for each strategy, test test test and try to make it fail – try to find all the signals and test the crap out of it.

Bullish 0.618 Retracement The bullish 0.618 is an important retracement area for price action that is selling off. When I see a sharp pullback following a sizeable rally, the 0.618 retracement is the first area that I examine for a potential reversal. Price Gaps It is very common for price gaps to occur in a Potential Reversal Zone. A price gap occurs when the price action opens beyond the previous close, leaving an open area where no trading has occurred. A price gap in a Potential Reversal Zone indicates that the set-up is to be treated with extreme caution. It is important to respect an extreme sign like this because a price gap indicates a significant change in sentiment.

Step 1: Locate a potential Harmonic Price Pattern

Although this will delay a trade execution, valid reversals off the pattern will put you in stocks at critical turning points that can yield substantial profits. I wanted to include another enlarged chart of Hilton because the setup illustrates an ideal reversal so clearly. Although the stock exceeded the Potential Reversal Zone, it never broke above the initial point at X. In fact, on the week Hilton hit this area, the stock possessed two warning signs, an extreme price range and a tail close.

Although the three drives might exhibit, a five-wave Elliot pattern, identifying an ideal Elliot wave set-up can be more difficult than focusing on the three impulse drives. Remember, the three impulse drives must be very similar to each other. Also, a critical factor about the three drives is that the third drive must not be exceeded after the reversal is established.

Every time you make an investment, you are developing market experience as a trader. If you are a passive investor, I urge you to embrace these concepts of market timing and trading. So, if you have money in the market, remember that you are a trader.

harmonics trader

As you will see, these methods will gauge price action effectively in any situation. After gaining experience with actual trades, the ability to decipher harmonic price action in the markets will continue to improve. Price fluctuations represent cycles of growth and decline (sell-off). Similar to many of life’s cyclical growth processes, these movements can be measured by their relative Fibonacci ratio relationships and analyzed to define unique technical situations. In doing so, trades are executed at those areas where the natural rhythm of the market is changing. Furthermore, these measurement techniques will provide a great deal of technical information regarding the potential direction of the future price action.

Trade Management in Harmonic Trading

But, the important factor in executing your plan is to determine whether or not the trade is valid. It is essential to use the warning signs previously mentioned in this book. A successful execution is determined by the relevant market price action at the time it is trading in the reversal zone.

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Why are harmonic patterns so popular in forex trading?

Since the price action was extreme on this day, you probably should have waited a day. However, the bearish nature of the Candlestick typically indicates a potential reversal at hand, especially after hitting a major Fibonacci projection. Price Bars in the Potential Reversal Zone As price action approaches a Potential Reversal Zone, it is important to examine the nature of the price bars. This will help determine the validity of a potential reversal within the harmonic area. The nature of the price bars also will indicate the strength or weakness of the price action.

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For example, if I was long a stock, I usually held on for a greater profit, even if I knew that a pattern was indicating resistance. As I employed these techniques effectively, my trading and understanding of price action improved tremendously. It is important to view these patterns as reliable signposts of future price action. Quite often, the patterns will indicate a potential opportunity when the news in the media suggests otherwise. It has been my experience that the patterns are the most reliable indicators of price trends, and they are my fundamental basis for identifying trade opportunities.

Again, the most important point is the completion point at D. Successful reversal will resume the longer-term trend that was established by the initial price move. Bearish Gartley Stop Loss In the Bearish Gartley, the stop loss should be placed just above the initial starting point . Although price action can become extended and retest this area, the price action should not break above it.

Harmonics require patience, yet they provide great insight into potential future price movements when correctly used. In this article, we explore how to identify harmonic patterns on trading charts and how to trade them using advanced drawing tools from our Next Generation online trading platform. The price action can be very volatile, especially in 1.618 Butterfly patterns. So, it can be advantageous to wait for reversal confirmation.

Bullish 1.618 Projection A bullish 1.618 projection often occurs in an extreme sell-off. When price action is declining, the trend can often become over-extended. The pvsra 1.618 projection point can identify profitable set-ups, since price action that reverses from these over-extended areas can frequently provide sizeable reactions.

4 Invalid Harmonic Set-ups The markets often provide clues to determine future price action. This is not to say that a harmonic set-up will not go completely against you because it can. But, in my experience, the market will provide evidence of “probable future action.” It is important to read these signs that the market offers to gauge the next potential move. After you develop the feel for harmonic price action, you will be able to determine how a price action “should” act within a Potential Reversal Zone. Mostly because of how many retail traders seem to use it and praise it. For me, the main problem with harmonic patterns is what you mention under point 2 – there is no reasonable mechanism what would explain why patterns like Bat or Cypher should work.

If a stock declines past the 0.786 retracement, it will usually retest the original starting point (pt. X) of that prior rally. Hammer The hammer is a price bar that has a large total range with a small difference between the high and the low. This difference should be approximately 1/3 the total range for a valid hammer. Depending on where it develops on the chart, there are other terms for this price bar, such as a Hangman or Shooting Star. However, for these purposes, it is important just to recognize this as a reversal signal, especially when it forms in a Potential Reversal Zone. Bullish Price Bar The open and the close define a bullish price bar.

The different patterns that can be observed by harmonics provide different insights which should be used for specific purposes. Risk management is also an important topic that must be studied by all traders using harmonics to trade. The Gartley pattern has not only received popular use in the markets, but it has also been adopted by traders in various ways. With time, this pattern has evolved to be interpreted in different ways and variations.

Therefore, stop-loss orders are important for controlling risk. Once a trade is triggered, a stop-loss can be placed at the swing high/low near point D. However, while stop-loss orders can help to manage risk, they do not take into account market volatility; in particular, gapping or slippage on price charts. Instead, guaranteed stop-losses can be used to close out your position at a specified price in these risky conditions, for a small charge.

What Is Harmonic Trading?

Harmonic Patterns are frequent, repeatable, reliable and do produce high probable setups. Join our trading room and you’ll have access to hundreds of video lessons suitable for new and experienced traders. The next move will show us where the B-point will be located and is one of the defining levels to decide what pattern we are looking at. It is measured by taking the Fibonacci retracement from X to A and will, for example in a Bat pattern seen above, have to be somewhere between 38.2% and 61.8%. When defining a pivot level within Harmonic Trading you use the specific Fibonacci levels for each pattern where the price meets the rules and form a turning point.

Harmonic patterns are drawn using lines that connect X and A, A and B, B and C, plus C and D. Since the trend can be quite strong and you’re trading a possible reversal trend, you should consider placing targets between points D and C. A Fibonacci retracement tool could be used, placing targets at 0.50, 0.618, or 1, for example. Below is an example of a bearish Gartley pattern on the EUR/GBP daily chart.

In an attempt to learn the origins of this analysis, many get lost in the need to understand why these relationships exist. Applied to the financial markets, Fibonacci ratios can quantify specific situations where repeating growth cycles of buying and selling exist. It is the understanding of these types of growth cycle structures that provides pertinent technical information regarding price action that no other approach offers. Instead of drawing trendlines, some traders prefer to use our triangle tools, which shade in the pattern and help to estimate the retracement levels. Here is an example of the NZD/JPY Butterfly pattern with some triangles added through our drawing tools. The bullish Butterfly pattern has the same ratios, but the pattern starts with an up XA wave up.

In fact, if you study these examples closely, you will see how the price action seems to form one pattern after another. Another consideration to keep in mind is how these patterns reveal substantial changes in the price action. In this manner, the patterns clearly indicate a stock’s future price action. However, these charts can help you increase your perception to observe similar harmonic price action in other markets. For example, if a stock possesses several patterns within one chart, it is possible to assume that future patterns will yield valid reversals.

The various works published by Scott M. Carney go to great details on how the harmonic patterns can be used in trade. Harmonic trading is one of the most accurate forms of identifying market entry and exit points. Like other trading methods though, quite a number of risks can be expected when using harmonics to trade. The most important factor that should be considered by all traders who want to succeed in the market is diligence.

For the bearish pattern, look to short trade near D, with a stop loss not far above. This sequence can then be broken down into ratios which some believe provide clues as to where a given financial market will move to. We use the information you provide to contact you about your membership with us and to provide you with relevant content. In addition, you can also use the protective stop loss at the 113% Fibonacci extension of the XA leg if you prefer a more flexible stop loss level .